It’s been a busy summer this year, very busy. It seems that everyone needed everyone just before and during summer. This year I missed summer. Living on the Isle of Wight is a great opportunity to enjoy the summer months, but sadly I missed it this time. I took half of September and October off though as it calmed down, just a little, and as hard as it is to say and to hear, “It’s not all about work…” Which is true… it’s not.

We all know and we all love, to some extent, AutoCAD however sad to say the monthly subscription is just getting that little harder to pay out so I took the jump and moved to BricsCAD. They do a nice 30-day trial so why not give it a go? Excellent piece of software that I’ve used already on a couple of gigs, and it worked out well.

It looks like AutoCAD, and behaves like AutoCAD so why not, especially when it’s a fraction of the cost? There is a subscription-based license and a perpetual license. Really, when it comes to using it you’ll not notice the difference but your bank account will, Sure there are a few things to get used to, but given time it’s a breeze to use. Sorry, Autodesk.