After a full year of closed venues and virtually no shows, it seems that we finally have a “roadmap” out of lockdown. Indeed some festivals in the UK have announced that they will go ahead in 2021. The date we are all focusing on is June 21st when everything is supposed to be able to back to normal if indeed we can remember what that was like.

With that in view and with my fingers crossed, I have gone ahead and upgraded my virtualisation software, Capture to the latest version 2021. This is amazing software and a great aid to designing, virtualising, and pre-programming shows.

Check out Capture 2021 and especially this fantastic short 3-minute video by Joost Wijgers. This video demonstrates all of the best features of Capture. A truly wonderful piece of work. Everything in this video was programmed using Capture so make sure you check it out.

On another note, I have had my first of two vaccination injections. The vaccine at this stage is the only real way out of this pandemic. If you are offered, take it…

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